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8-14th September 2024



Healing & CREATIVE


led by

Tree-net Willy's



If you've been following TreeNet Willy or OhmBrella and you want to learn net weaving, you've arrived! This is it.
The "Weaving Magic" retreat is one-of-a-kind, healing and weaving adventure, in a breathtaking nature reserve in the English Countryside.
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This Summer we offer you the nature immersion, creative and healing experience of a lifetime. Learn the skills of healing the body alongside a creative masterclass in rope craft. Jacob of OhmBrella has partnered with Will Reynolds from TreeNet Willy's to teach the master craft of net weaving during this full holistic schedule set to nourish mind, body and soul.
Learn more about OhmBrella and Jacob Here.
Learn more about TreeNet Willy's Here.
This retreat has two main focuses - a) heal and vitalise the body, mind and spirit, and b) teach the net weaving skills.
However there is much more to the schedule, to ensure you leave with a sense of achievement, fulfilment, community and growth.
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8th September


14th September


@ Broughton Sanctuary,

Yorkshire, UK



This is not a retreat. This is a transition towards natural truth. A unique, one-week, woodland experience to unlock the inner potential and stimulate growth of mind, body and spirit. This is The OhmBrella Project.


Time & Location

02 Jul 2023, 17:00 – 09 Jul 2023, 17:00

Shropshire location TBC on booking.

About the event


Cover letter from Jacob:

"Why retreat? When you can grow. When you can develop. Expand into abundance and fulfilment.

This project is all about immaterial wealth. A nature course to develop riches within.

Incredible food alchemy and nutrition, well taught somatic exercise and memorable inspiration of physical and non-phsysical forms should be in abundance, YES, in order to create safe and explorative transformation. All these things should be part of a natural shift or journey. A well curated environment and thought-through protocol and process.

But also, the thing that I have been craving to marry with a wellness experience for a long time - a true connection to nature, and raw nature of things. This can unlock further depths of creativity and strength we felt were lost. Sustained exposure to our own true nature. This is why I sold most of my supurfluous, materials possessions and bought the woodland, and why it is run as a conservation site, not a retreat site.

The OhmBrella Project is nature learning device, designed to empower, inspire, detoxify and re-align you with your highest self. 

No shamanry - no singular mindset or practice - no spiritual mumbo-jumbo - the highest level of integrity and respect has been drawn upon. It's not for the feint hearted. This is not just a woodland detox break with yoga classes and superfoods! This is the real deal. This is about dropping the theatre. Dropping out of the drama and uncertainty, into practical, reliable nourishing nature.

So, if youre comfortable in your comfort zone, stay there! 

If it's inspiration to change, transition, shift, that you're looking for, maybe this is it.

You can't know what you don't yet know. It's in the unkown where we grow the most. Outside the comfort zone.

If this is resonating with you, please read on, and apply within."

PS If you want to ask me any questions directly about the experience or my work please do so by email or through DM on Instagram, link below. The Instagram tell you the story of the last two years of OhmBrella so is worth a look!

Once you book, I'll contact you directly very soon to provide a more detailed schedule, essential kit list, and further news about world class teachers and guides who'll be joining, in the lead up to your experience.



This is not a retreat, it’s an advance.

This is development of mind, body and spirit.

This is discovery and realisation.

This is growth.

This is the OhmBrella-Project.


This upcoming Summer 2023, take part in a unique, natural experience: To shift mindsets, unlock creativity and replenish the body.

The OhmBrella Experience brings together bushcraft, forestry, conservation, holistic wellbeing, art and food alchemy, into the first experience of its kind. 

10 people only at a time will experience the journey.

Currently there are three separate week-long experiences on offer :

 July 2nd to July 9th 2023

July 30th to August 6th 2023

September 3rd to Septmeber 10th 2023

A fully immerisive schedule, will keep the mind, heart and muscles happy.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of off grid living knowledge and taught ancient naturopathic techniques of wellness and longevity, in the setting of an ancient coppice and conifer woodland in Shropshire, England. This is the home of OhmBrella and runs as a conservation site for nature learning and development of human creative expression.

The retreat is focused on inspiration and empowerment of mind, body and spirit. The space will allow you to reflect, restore, repair, and expand your horizons. Apart from an array of detoxyfying and embodiment practices available in workshop and class format, you will collaborate to create pathways, structures, communal areas and ancient forest living technology as part of your supervised time. While the rest you engage in movement sessions, talks, forest bathing, meditations, sound baths and much more.

Led by (up to 5) practitioners, coaches, teachers and guides of ancient living, mental health, spiritual health, forestry, food and conservation; you will have the opportunity to learn and decide what creativity, sustainability, life purpose and wellbeing truly mean for you, and how you want to embody them.

You will also work with an artist from our "line up" to realise a common goal and create a functional art piece in the forest. Involvement here artistically will stand as part of your legacy and contribution, and will embody the philosophies you learn along your weeks journey. This is where art meets nature, community, embodiment and structure.

The experience won't just change your mind STATE. It’s designed to help you find the next PHASE or STAGE. The curated journey will help you develop the natural tools and techniques within to embody your next stage.


Jacob, founder of OhmBrella has spent years formulating this vision to take flight.  These first groups of people will be the actual building-blocks of the community around OhmBrella, and work directly alongside Jacob throughout, in the creation of this world. The woodland site is defined as a celebration of our connection to nature and a protected centre for human alchemy and creativity. If you want to know more about Jacob, please ask away - but he'll be guiding the whole show, and focusing on quality control of every part of your experience that he has curated. He personally will be guiding movement, breath and meditation classes, as well as teaching a whole array of functional skills and undertandings for off grid and sustainable living practices. His passion for words, connection, inspiration and action will be present and obvious and you may even get a few poems out of him.

You will also be joined and supervised by site operator Alec "Eden" Schiemann - an experienced conservationist, arborist and landscaper, with incredible talent for mycology, no dig food operations and rewilding. Alec has already an intimate relationship with OhmBrella woods and will be guiding the clearing and forestry work, lacing it with knowledge, inspiration and wisdom. Alec will be on site throughout and is there to teach you all he can during your time with us.

The Food Alchemist founder, Matt, will be onsite organising and fulfilling the food experiences and keeping everyone fed. Matt has a thriving streetfood business, was fine dining trained as a chef from a young age and has been used to working on micro nutrient rich diets for athletes and professional sportpersons. This is a particularly exciting collaboration, as Jacob and Matt have been fine tuning their cooperative food experiences for the last six months. The aim in to create unique visual and sensory eating experiences, while keeping the food sourcing and prep to the highest level of nutritional standards. There will be superfoods flying, fermentations and live cultures flowing, live open fire cooking and some extra special magic tricks along the way, that ony a chef can get away with. 

Jacob's master guide and mentor of the last five years will join each group to tune in, give a talk and provide her incredible wisdom and outlook, and perhaps she'll has some other tricks up her sleeve too! Her name will kept private for the time being to protect integrity.

There will be other members of Jacob’s team on site helping to create flow and texture to the experience, as well as practitioners giving you the odd treatment here and there. For more information or special requests from our team on the subject of massage, reiki, sound or psychotherapy, just contact us in advance. We will have First Aiders on site, but also visitations from qualified mental health nurses and practitioners for light observation and feedback work, and for any urgent matters too, and just because these particular friends of Jacob just really want to be involved!


Every Day will be different, and a fuller schedule will be shared with you upon booking.

The meals will be communal, and in different parts of the woods.

Mornings will be about the body - connecting to nature, movement and mobility, nutrition and detox, forest bathing, meditation and breahtwork.

Afternoons will be given to practical learning, hands on craft and conservation work, forest clearning and maintenance.

Evenings will be focused on receiving and nourishing the senses. Food and sound experiences, and occasionally led practices and sound meditations.

While we will be as explicit as we can about what to expect, we will leave some of the flow and format a mystery to allow for a truer experience. Please see the SYLLABUS below to know more of what you may experience during your week.


Comfortable glamping insuring excellent nights sleep.

A luxury bell tent accommodation will be provided for each guest, with a little storage and enough room to have some privacy too. More visuals will be provided once bookings are made.

The outdoor showers are hot and powered by rainwater.

The toilets are composting units. All arrivals will be taught how showers and toilets work during orientation.


Fully catered high nutrition detoxifying food. All diets can be accounted for specifically and a nutritional form can be requested on application.

All ingredients will be sourced locally from our neighbouring farms and in partnership with specialist smallholdings. More information on that coming soon.

3 meals per day and unlimited infused water at 'hydration station'.

There will also be bottomless tea and mushroom coffees available at intervals, along with Musrhoom tea ceremonies from Richard Enion of Enrichd! More information on that here - 


We ask you to put your devices for connecting with the outside world into our safe keeping while you are with us. We do allow you to check your devices daily, but we strongly encourage against this unless for emergencies. We can also provide a contact for your loved ones, in case they need to get hold of you in an emergency. This is much for the fellow companion as it is for protection of nature. But of course, to ensure the depth and richness of experience goes undisturbed.


One artist at a time at least from our collective will be on site creating installations and structures.

Your group will be creating pathways and communal areas to interact with the art pieces, some of which may be cabins and hanging structures.

Liam Hopkins, founder of Lazerian is one artist in residence, known for his geometric animals, and landscape installations, has forumated a unique and very exciting plan for The OhmBrella Project, which will be revealed in stages, in the lead up to the event. He will be personally on site leading and teaching you as a go, and create your own artworks within the woods. (READ MORE ABOUT LIAM HERE)

Members of RCA and LCC alumni, creating installations as bathrooms, toilets and integrated artworks among the trees. (READ MORE ABOUT DORA HERE)

Sam Apley of Circus Kinetics among the team. Sam has been an integral part of the UK makers community for 20 years, building artworks and interactive areas at an endless list of festivals such as Burning Man, Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury. (TBC)

Singer/songwriter Sam Lee, will be a core leader in the exploration of inspiration. His experience in story telling and songwriting, journey guiding and just his general passion is infectious and totally impressive - he's coming to bring out the story within you, and connect you to nature through song, sound, touch and texture. (READ MORE ABOUT SAM HERE)

All of this will be experienced across the separate weeks as the overall OhmBrella journey grows and welcomes you to join in.

There will be briefings on this artisan part of the journey, on the days that you’ll be working on your piece, and regular briefiengs on the clearing, forestry and concervation work you'll be engaged with. There will be no limit to how much you are allowed to achieve in this packed week, and you'll be given as many of the tools and directions as posssible to help you achieve your tasks.

As there is a need for some mystery in format, in order to create a rich experience for all participants, it is requested that once booked you do not share any of the finer details online on social media or otherwise for the protection of other participants. We do however, as mentioned above, provide an extensive list here of all things you will have the oppportunity or be directly exposed to during your time on site.

SYLLABUS (what you will learn or see in the program):

Daily silent meditation time, tree bathing, food alchemy experience, and soundscapes at night, as well as;

Off-grid power set up

Rainwater collection and treatment

Composting toilets

Waste management

Novel solutions


Tree identification

Foraging (guided and taught)

Camp craft cooking

Bushcraft safety

Mushroom inoculation

Mycelium cloning

Mycology talk

Mushroom culture care

Woodland walks

Tree felling

Tree limbing

Axe safety

Knife safety

Yoga (Iyengar)

Mobility (full body)

Mobility (joints and nerves)

Breathwork (a variety)

Sound therapy (variety)

Meditation techniques

Guided meditation

Ventral/vagal nerve reset classes

Outdoor shower set up

Log splitting

Fire starting

Fire safety

Shelter set up

Wildlife tour

Ornithology talk/walk

Basic carpentry

Conservation techniques

Rewinding knowledge

Habitat care

Superfoods & supplements

Nutritional therapy / consultancy

Live culture production



Yurt assembly

Yurt care



Writing your story

Story telling

Extremely high vibrational campside vibes

Artists: (extensive list, not necessarily in residence)

Joe seagull (master carpenter)

Liam Hopkins (design and build)

Sam Apley (design and build)

Dora Perini (outdoor facilities)

Sam lee (music, nature connection)

Harky (sound experience)

Ella Kearns (sound, treatments)

Pingping (sculpture RCA LCC alumni) (plastic upcylcing?)


  • The OhmBrella Project

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