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8-14th September 2024



Healing & CREATIVE


led by

Tree-net Willy's



If you've been following TreeNet Willy or OhmBrella and you want to learn net weaving, you've arrived! This is it.
The "Weaving Magic" retreat is one-of-a-kind, healing and weaving adventure, in a breathtaking nature reserve in the English Countryside.
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This Summer we offer you the nature immersion, creative and healing experience of a lifetime. Learn the skills of healing the body alongside a creative masterclass in rope craft. Jacob of OhmBrella has partnered with Will Reynolds from TreeNet Willy's to teach the master craft of net weaving during this full holistic schedule set to nourish mind, body and soul.
Learn more about OhmBrella and Jacob Here.
Learn more about TreeNet Willy's Here.
This retreat has two main focuses - a) heal and vitalise the body, mind and spirit, and b) teach the net weaving skills.
However there is much more to the schedule, to ensure you leave with a sense of achievement, fulfilment, community and growth.
Read on, and thanks for visiting...








8th September


14th September


@ Broughton Sanctuary,

Yorkshire, UK


Weaving Magic Retreat - An Ohmbrella x TreeNet Willy's Collaboration

Creativity is the highest form of expression! Connect to nature, heal and create functional art together. Set in a nature conservation sanctuary in the heart of England - A unique self-healing and Tree-Net weaving retreat. The first and only of its kind.

Time & Location

08 Sept 2024, 17:00 BST – 14 Sept 2024, 11:00 BST

Skipton, Broughton Hall Estate, Broughton Hall, Skipton BD23 3AE, UK

About the event

"WEAVING MAGIC" Retreat - The First and only retreat of it's kind.

Will Reynolds of TreeNet Willy's comes together with Jacob of OhmBrella to bring a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hosted at the stunning Broughton Sanctuary nature conservation and wellbeing site, one of the "top 30 coolest places to visit in the world". An unforgettable location for a true magical, English, creative woodland fairy tale.

What you will get personally from the Weaving Magic retreat:

  • Daily Masterclasses in Weaving, from Will Reynolds and Team, and the skills to make your own tree nets or woven structures
  • Daily nervous system and movement coaching from Jacob and the team of practitioners
  • Increible nutrition that will detox, balance gut biome and refresh our energy. All diets catered to.
  • A deeply healing routine - there is a focus in the movement classes on developing our own personal practice, and taking full advantage of the power of community and group nervous system work. i.e. synchronised breathwork, chanting and movement play.
  • A sense of fulfilment and achievement - you will learn master skills in a new medium, outdoors, and you will create incredible structures and objects of art together. You will not only take home the skill of tree-net weaving, but also nervous system regulation.
  • Nature Connection - the team are passionate about bringing out the truest nature within us, and using nature not only as a direct healer, but also to learn about encoding the laws of nature into our behaviour and lives. To learn what this all truly means for yourself. Forest bathing will be a natural part of some mornings and afternoons, and things like wild swimming and cold immersion.
  • Inspiration, Perspective and Clarity - the schedule of activity and wellness will create a cascade of good feelings, endorphins, perspective and neurological stimulation…finding more natural sense and clarity in life through the natural changes that occur during this kind of immersion.
  • Community - become a weaver! - A sense of bonding, collaboration, connection and empowerment. To go on a learning, healing, creating journey together, that you won’t want to end!
  • Strength, Direction, Creativity - Creativity is the highest form of expression, and creative spirit is in all of us. If we don’t feel creative, we need to dig down and find our creative aspects. We will nourish and cherish creativity at every stage. Being playful in nature does most of this job, and the freedom of expression away from judgement or the outside world allows us to explore parts of us that are maybe forgotten.

Nothing during the week is obligatory and all participants are welcome to take the classes and group sessions as you wish. The schedule is full for those that want to be fully active, but we leave all participants to use your own intuition and inner voice to define the days, based on what you feel you need.

The full course is open for ages 18 years +. The retreat cannot accommodate spouses, families and partners that do not participate in the course, but they can book directly with Broughton Sanctuary during that time at additional rates. Please contact Broughton Sanctuary via their email or fill out the contact form below about these special circumstances.

There will be daily wellbeing classes and workshops all week. More new soon about practitioners and themes in a couple of weeks - it's set to be an amazing line up.

We will be cultivating creativity and intuition. We will be healing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit, and providing the tools that help us all be sovereign, independent decision makers and thrivers. To calibrate to our truth, and truly create from scratch, things are good for the world and us, is the ultimate was we can serve life. “To know the self is to know the universe” Anthony de Mello.


Broughton Sanctuary and Avalon Wellbeing - UK Leading wellbeing retreat space and nature conservation site.

After 900 years of family ownership, current owners Roger and Paris have turned this quintessential English estate into a throbbing heartbeat of optimising health and protecting the future of the earth and it's ecology.

See more info about ACCOMODATION AND SPA here:

Broughton Nature Sanctuary:

Avalon Wellbeing Spa and Facilities:

At the heart of the land Broughton Hall stands, built in 1597, and is an example of one of the finest English country mansions built in the last 500 years. The year itself is a prime, sacred geometric number, and the owners have used the influence of sacred geometry to construct fabulous buildings and spaces in the land that mimic this law of nature - the golden ratio - with Fibonacci spirals and gentle curves both in the decor and architecture.

This 3000 acre estate has transformed itself over the last 20 years to become one of UK’s most prolific nature recovery centres and wilderness retreat facilities. OhmBrella is so proud to take residence at the site and host these retreats.

The 5-star accommodation and health spa on site complete the experience by providing the highest luxury in rest and restoration for all visitors.

Our amazing private chef Asia Kostka, will be providing all our nutritional needs and hosting our group lunches and dinners. We will gather for some meals in a glass building overlooking the walled gardens with Ewe hedgerows dating back 400 years - another example of maintaining the beauty and human endeavour in place in this historical embodiment of transformation.


  • - 5 star accommodation in one of the Broughton Sanctuary holiday cottages.
  • - Full Tree-Net Weaving masterclass and coursework with William Reynolds
  • Daily Morning Breathwork and Nervous System Sessions led by Jacob and team.
  • - Daily Group Movement Practice
  • - Night-time Fire Ceremonies
  • - Musical Performances
  • - Inspirational Talks from guest mentors and masters
  • - In-house Private Chef serving Superfood-packed, high nutrition meals. Gut microbiome and immunity upgrades all week.
  • - Wild Swimming
  • - Daily Use of Avalon Wellbeing Centre
  • - Outdoor Sauna
  • - Ice bath/cold immersion
  • - Wild Walks / Foraging Walks

At the end of the retreat, you all will have woven by hand a huge structure together in this nature conservation site, that will act as a nature connection portal for other visitors. You will be part of this incredible process, and leave a structure behind that helps others enjoy and connect to nature in ways they never could before. You will be part of a legacy and will take away the means and ways to continue this process yourself. You will have ample one-to-one time with teachers to learn. We also will follow up with all of you within one month after the course to check in and provide further coaching or sessions for anyone who is stuck or wants to know more.


Daily rituals, stretching, somatic work, tea ceremony and nutritional boosts, are all designed to create a cascade of positive reactions in the body and enhance overall sense of self and wellbeing.

Mornings (8am to 11am) are spent working on wellness and using the facilities, plus talks and theory lessons.

Every afternoon (1pm to 4pm) is the outdoor nature creative time, with solid hands-on coaching and guidance from Will and team.  Working on individual projects and common goals while contructing nets in trees.

Each participant will go away with the necessary skills to be able to weave their own nets and use the skill with confidence.

Evenings (6pm onwards) are free time, with access to Avalon facilities and dinner, however there will be at least two group fire ceremonies on the first and last evenings to open and close the week.


6 nights / 7 days.

At around 11.30am each day we will gather as a group to be briefed by Will and Team, instructed, perhaps with guest speakers at this time of day.

Every day lunch will be served at 12pm-1pm.

The daily schedule:

Breakfast 7.30am-9am [Optional Supplements and Superfoods]

Spa 9am – 11am

Somatics / Meditation / Stretching 10am – 11am

Lunch 12pm-1pm

WEAVING circa 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Spa 5-7pm

Dinner 7pm

Fire Ceremonies are around 9pm

Below, the main creative theme of the day, any changes and additions noted.

1. Day One.

Arrival after 3pm. Greeting talk 6pm. Dinner.

OPENING. Fire Ceremony

This day will be about introductions, sharing, stories, intentions, reasons for being here. There will be superfoods and supplements explained. A culture instilled. An opportunity for questions, concerns and ideas.

Music to close night

2. Day Two

Day schedule.


3. Day Three

Day Schedule


4. Day Four

Day Schedule

GROUP FRAMING & WEAVING (main project start)


5. Day Five

Day Schedule


6. Day Six

Day Schedule


CLOSING Fire Ceremony

7. Day Seven

Morning meditation but otherwise no day schedule: Breakfast, tour of nets, departure.

The above is a guide only, and things may change a little.


Below you can secure your spot either with deposit or full payment. Deposits are non refundable and balance is due within 90 days.

You can select to either treat yourself to a private solo room, with double bed. Or you can select the dual occupancy room, which is shared with max one other person. If you travelling to the retreat with another participant and wish to share a room, you can confirm this in your booking or via email after booking and we allocate rooms accordingly. Again if traveling with a spouse or partner, you can request a double bed. Our aim to give you the deepest rest and comfortable accomodatiom we can, so Jacob will be confirming these finer details on a call with you directly as well.

• 10% off Private Solo Double Bedrooms until end of April •

Additional notes about this special event, from Jacob (OhmBrella):

OhmBrella experiences like this are all about Nature Connection. Connecting to mother earth is part of it, but connecting to our own truest nature is core to the journey. To feel a sense of freedom, expression. To tap into our primal selves, and feel our inner animals, that yearn the great outdoors and being part of a movement. To tune into our tribal ancestry, and relive ancient practices in modern times.

You'll be led through a somatic journey to heal and nourish the body, and you'll learn the art and process of tree-net weaving from Will Reynolds himself througout the week. The weaving masterclass is spread out in daily chunks, and will cover ALL the skills involved in creating tree nets. This skill has taken Will over 15 years to perfect and it's an honour to be taught by this talented artist such a rare and intricate, yet simple technique. He travels the world weaving nets in unique spaces and has been dreaming of  teachnig groups for some time. So we have come togehter to create this event. We are super proud to bring it to the world.

We are honoured to be hosted in one of the most luxurious and impressive conservtion and wellness spaces in the world, Broughton Sanctuary. With it's state-of-the-art wellbeing spa, Avalon, participants on the retreat will have daily access to the facilities. Jacob and team will be running the wellbeing schedule, and additinal therapies can be booked after you've secured your place.

OhmBrella experiences are also inspired by the indigenous English folklore, and history of healing and magic in the British Isles. There will be immersive foraging, performative story telling, fireside inspirtaional talks and musical performances that will help you connect to the ancient knowledge of these lands. Tapping into the ancient alchemy of the English wilds, we take participants on a journey of learning about the ecology, herbology, mycology, through sessions with herbal tea masters, guided walks and stories.

Creativity is the highest form of expression.

Creativity comes from our intuition, our spirit.

Our innate natural spirit and unique viewpoint in existence is within us, and has always been there. These retreats are designed to bring our bodies and minds into a fluid and relaxed state of creatitity and social condictivity, giving us a lasting sense of our creative and communal abilities.

From Jacob, Will and the rest of the team - Thanks for reading and see you in the woods!



    Sale ends: 07 Jul, 00:01 BST

    Book your spot on the retreat here. EARLY BIRDS SOLD OUT. Choose to pay a Deposit (£450pp, balance due within 90 days) or Full Rate for your ticket. SOLO PRIVATE ROOM TICKETS DISCOUNTED 10% UNTIL 20th APRIL Prices are: SOLO ROOM £2,600 (10% off £2,340) each or SHARED DUAL ROOM (2 beds) £1,900 total each. £450 deposits to be deducted from balance. Full price tickets are 50% refundable up to 60 days before event. Deposits are non-refundable. Space reserved upon payment. All tickets below admit 1.

    From £450.00 to £2,340.00
    • £450.00
      +£11.25 service fee
    • £2,340.00
      +£58.50 service fee
    • £1,900.00
      +£47.50 service fee



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