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Announcing a shift - the OHMBRELLA brand Change

OhmBrella has been undergoing a significant transformation of it's own.

Along with planning some exciting immersive events and week-long courses for the summer in the woods, the identity of the brand and presence online is also going to change.

Introducing here the new brand logo and over the next 48 hours this will be rolled out across instagram and the website.

The website too will shift. It will no longer offer products - these will only be available as part of the OhmBrella experiences - and it will be focusing on The OHMBRELLA PROJECT - a series of experiences this summer for ten people at a time. This is not a retreat, this is about advancing, stepping forward, challenging yourself. This is a dream project of mine and a transformative program, of inspiration, awe, exercise and invigoration of mind body and spirit. It will be an incredible journey for those that come along, and are looking for that missing something, to support their greater goals and life path. The packed line-up of teachers, coaches, therapists, artists, activities, activations and embodiments, is designed to unlock and reinforce things we did not not even know were in us. Can't wait to share this experience.

You can't know what you don't know yet. And it's what you don't know yet, that will teach you more than anything you already know!

This means stepping out of the comfort zone and into the unknown. To me this means ancient practices and natural stimulation of the all the senses and aspects of our life experience. Engaging in observation of nothing else but the self, to define and evolve the self.

Very much looking forward to feedback on this change. Like everything with OhmBrella, I've put my whole self into it, and with authenticity, humility, direction, purpose and my highest strengths, bring forward what I believe is the best thing I can do for the world. This is about discovery and utility of the truth, so it's my truth I speak to you all, and let the universe sort it out for me.

Thank you for reading. Blessings and light.


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