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Gain clarity: Alkalise and oxygenate

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

There are many ancient practices that are generally thought of as alternative or ineffective. Ohm-Brella aims to teach and employ as many time-tested processes as possible into our wellbeing routines. In the diet, we lean towards simple food that have origins of thousands of years, and in the movement of the body we also adopt techniques that are proven and tried over millennia. We are results oriented in our solutions, with a lesser focus on instruction and greater attention given to the feedback of individuals.

Clearing the mind and body

As much as a person is able to put the right things into the body, and they are able remove the unhelpful energies and distractions from their immediate world, the third part of clearing the body is movement. The mind is inside the body. A congested mind is a blocked system. Correct alignment, incremental strength building techniques, decompression breathing and vagal nerve resetting are important tools in releasing blocked and immobile aspects of our phyclsical nervous and immune systems.

Learn more about clearing heavy metals, acidity and a cluttered mind.

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