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Immersive Woodland Dining and Nature Connection: The OhmBrella Sessions

A series of immersive, summer woodland dining experiences and workshops, set in the ancient OhmBrella woodland, in Shropshire UK, with tours of the forest and a stretch of the body.

One-night-only events, under the stars and among the trees.

In August and September 2023, OhmBrella and The Food Alchemist come together to create unique experiences to fine-dine you, and connect your body, mind and spirit to the forest and nature around.

Jacob of OhmBrella bought the woodland site in 2020 to create a world of inspiration and conservation, to not only protect nature but to enable an environment for personal healing and growth. Matthew of The Food Alchemist has been using food to help nourish and heal for over decade. He has been crafting alongside Jacob and cooking in the woods since the beginning of the project and is the resident on-site chef for events and retreats.

The experience is hosted in a 15 acre, off-grid, ancient coppice and conifer woodland in Shropshire. OhmBrella operates the ancient woodland as a conservation and nature learning space, where nutrition, holistic wellness and the theatre of nature are brought to life.

These nourishing experiences are designed to connect and educate you about the surroundings, as Jacob gives a guided tour of this world of creativity and collaboration with nature.

You'll be able to wonder and enjoy the site, or join the workshop before dinner sharing in ancient practices in breathwork and movement to help us connect to the body and our senses. These sessions are led by Jacob, while Matthew (The Food Alchemist) prepares a feast to nourish and inspire you. Cooked over open flame and all prepared from scratch on site, the organic local ingredients are alchemised onto your table from the forest kitchen. Themes from the forest appear on the plate, as foraged and collected edibles are infused and used to create your dishes. All diets catered too, but be sure to specify in your booking.

After they're gone...the upper OhmBrella deck at night lit by festoons.

You can also expect infused waters and teas, medicinal mushrooms and herbs, talks on alkalinity, anti inflammatories and mobility, yoga, meditation and transformative techniques, and demonstrations of how we can build a life story full of healthy, holistic practices that we enjoy. It's an evening packed with inspiration and interactive, immersive, sensory texture.

Tickets will start at £85 pp for the full experience including the three course dinner.

There are limited spaces of 20 people per experience, and only 3 dates will be released at a time. The first prospective dates are set to be the 27th August, 1st September and 2nd September 2023. You'll be able to book your place online this week.

OhmBrella also offers an additional option to camp overnight in the woods. If you're staying you'll be able learn and enjoy more about the forest project in the morning. This DIY, slf set-up camping option comes with breakfast, and can be booked on the events page later this week.

Tree-houses, platforms, walkways and terraces within the woodland have been crafted for you to enjoy without harming nature, all using ecologically minded techniques and materials. The protection of nature is a key theme here.

Body health and naturopathic healing is another key theme in the woodland. You'll be introduced to ways of producing and using a variety of herbs and remedies, but also techniques of using and strengthening the body.

If you'd like to know more, or you want to pre-book your dinner and workshop spot, you can email Jacob at

[Please note the following link will only contain correct information after 29th July 2023]:

Order of proceedings on the day:

4.30pm scout leads group from car park.

4.50pm-5pm arrival.

6pm wellness workshop/talk

7pm sit for dinner

930pm soundscape

1030pm END (customers led back to car park and campsite)

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