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Woodland Conservation & Forestry

I believe that conservation, sustainability and caring for nature cannot just be side notes, hobbies or things we watch in documentaries. If we feel these things are important and we want to make a difference, there's no better way than actually getting our hands dirty. Stop outsourcing sustainability, paying someone else to plant a tree, or only donating to a charity. Practice what we preach. Actually get out into nature, learn how to grow food and care for soil and trees. Educate ourselves through trial and error, rather than online seminars. there are so many stunning conservation sites and community food projects around. Ceate the connection for yourself. Invest some if your energy and time into this incredible planet and it's ecology. Even spending time in nature and appreciating it can reduce stress, and therefore stress we put on other people or objects. The slightest exposure to nature can have positive, knock-on effects. The return on this investment is 100% true - I can attest - mother nature will pay you back in ways you can only dream of. In ways that truly feel natural and good. In ways the man-made material realm can never come close to. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

When I'm not working with others, or building things among the trees, I'm learning about ecology and conservation first hand. Two years ago I didn't have this woodland, I'd never used a chainsaw, and couldn't tell you the difference between an oak and sycamore tree. Returning the woodland to traditional coppice means clearing a lot of unwanted trees, and replacing them slowly with healthy, long lasting, native hardwoods. "Steep learning curve" is an understatement. It's amazes me every day, how fast we can learn, adapt, change, grow. Thanks for reading. If you're interested in knowing more, visiting the woodland for a day of foraging, learning about off-grid living or any of the OhmBrella products or services, you can email me Jacob.

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