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Muscaria Mushroom Talisman

Muscaria Mushroom Talisman

This talisman is another inspired by the Amanita muscaria or fly agaric, more specifically the Eastern Yellow Fly Agaric.

SIZE - 3cm tall
Comes with black waxed cotton chord.

Each pendant is hand-blown and formed on an open flame. Each totally unique, made of borosilicate glass combinations.

Designed and made for OhmBrella by The White Rabbit Gallery.


There is true alchemy in the making process, and creative inspiration is aligned with abundance, truth and clarity in life. The talismans are charged with intentions of love, protection and healing.

The colours combos can be repeated but every one turns out slightly different in size and spottiness ☺️💚


OhmBrella exists to help you to feel more connected to nature, and in turn your own inner nature. Mushrooms are a core to the to OhmBrella philosophy and potently connected to healing practices throughout history, both symbolically and nutritionally.

But ALSO, we aim to keep you connected to 
HUMOUR, PLAYFULNESS and JOY. Every thing we do for others should bring a smile to faces where we are able

NB: We can take repeat orders on the unique items you see here, using the same colour combinations, but cannot guarantee the talismans will be identical to the photos. Returns and refunds available where appropriate.
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