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Natural Magic

A creative and healing journey of a lifetime. Connect to nature and your highest creative self.


Created by Jacob Tomkins, founder of OhmBrella, and William Reynolds, Founder of Tree-Net Willy's.

Come on a journey with us. Deep into the English countryside, to explore the body mind and spirit through nature connection, healing and creative inspiration.

The first of its kind - A one week nature connection retreat packed with healing, tree-net weaving masterclasses, exploration and discovery of self.

Limited spaces to 28.

Start date 8th September 2024.


We tap into the folklore and and history of English woodlands, alchemy, fire magic and sacred geometry. Through this week long passage of master craft learning, personal practice tools and techniques & nutritional magic.

We will be hosted by one of the most beautiful nature conservation sites in the world - Broughton Sanctuary. A 3000 acre wellness and nature recovery site where we will be creating in harmony with the land and the vision to protect and enhance nature.


With indoor and outdoor spa and therapies that will help you transform, shift, change and grow, it's set to be a deeply healing experience, as well as creative and inspiring.

Will and I are super excited to release more information soon about this unique summer retreat.

Please register your details here to be first to get special offers and book your spot.

Blessing and see you in the woods!


On this retreat you will...


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