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Experiences that create long lasting, effective change.

A short piece about long lasting effective change.

Inspired by a conversation yesterday at lunch, this piece is a slightly abstract rendition (necessary, as there are certain intangibles to this subject) on what I feel an experience, that can create a long lasting, effective change, can look like in real life.

Essences of these words - One of the differences between change and transformation, is that a transformation is something that you can evolve into, and a change is something that happens along the way. Transformation is a description, change is an action. One a result, the other a repeating pattern. Another difference is, change can be suggested, forced, implanted and manipulated, whereas transformation is a natural process, a divine evolution. Knowing the best techniques for your transformation is the ticket to a life and mindstate that handles change with ease.

We can, for the most part, control the body, so can always embody change in our physical self, to actualise changes that we cannot necessarily action with our non-physical selves (thoughts, feelings and emotions). Sometimes we are stuck in the non-physical somehow, and we can alchemise an unlocking through use of the body. I.e. ancient practices like yoga. This helps transform the nuances of the self through tangible action, where they cannot be worked on through language or conscious thinking.

To embody long lasting change, we must see ourselves first as something undergoing transformation already, continually changing. Then we can realise we were never stuck at all, but already on the way.

Transforming oneself can be about the quality of our use of change. It's not so much what we do, but the way we do it. Using active meditation or just focusing the mind, on a healthy routine or practice, can enable the energy in the body to transmute - away from the mind - into actions. Into progress. Energy stored within can rattle and cause dissidence. Quieting of the mind, with or without an action or output, can be an excellent first step to get to grips with the feeling of transformation. The knowledge that we are constantly changing.

Perhaps denial of this fact, is what causes so much dissidence within. Possibly sickness. A lack of growing. Staying in one mindset, identity or physical state, in an ever-transfoming realm. Perhaps? Another conversation altogether...

So a transformative experience, to create long lasting change, needs to reflect this all, and inspire the recipient of the experience, to passively just appear in the correct mind state or mindset, in an instant, to enable transformative information from within. If it's not a natural occurrence, then it's forced, manipulated or unnatural in some way.

So how to find the perfect balance, to create a natural experience of inspiration and transformation?

This can be, to a degree, coded through teaching or language, movement and breath, but most interestingly it can be encouraged and induced through sound and light therapy, or a carefully programmed flow of sensory experiences.

Providing this dimensional environment, and filling it with a carefully designed program of sensory encounters, knowledge sharing and inspiring art forms, we are able to focus on a subject or theme and allow the person receiving, to naturally evolve into a state of flow and change. Come to their own conclusions.

Curated transformative environments and experiences to connect us to the very essence of our own inspiration.

"Inspiration - a spiral inwards."

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