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The Food Alchemist @ The OhmBrella Project 2023

Here we will gradually update you on the plans Matt and I have for the forest dining experiences, that you will encounter daily.

Twice each week there will be Magical Woodland Dining Experience, including the closing ceremony lunch on the final Sunday of each week, and as we get closer to the summer we will share visuals of what to expect and glimpses of the menu.

All dietary requirements will be met and have been catered for, and Matt is able to flexibly improvise in ways that most people let alone chefs are not able.

What's more, the OhmBrella woods are his second home, as me and Matt have forged a close brotherhood and collaborative spirit in our admiration of eachanothers talents, and our cooperative desire to help others heal themselves through natural means.

The overall details of the experience however, like most things OhmBrella will be kept as secret as possible to protect the uniqueness of experience of those coming to the The OhmBrella Project this year. The food like most things, have to EXPERIENCED to be understood.

More soon....

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