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Journeying to the self

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I spent years redefining my boundaries and eroding my emotional and physical barriers to a full life experience. I fully involved myself to refine my skills in yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, off-grid living, alchemy of the body and a variety of energy work.

With a cleansed body, a skeleton aligned, a gut listening and talking freely, and a heart finally in love with its vessel...

I confronted my deepest, natural, true self. I worked with the ego, the medicine, the past and future...the underworlds and the outer limits of consciousness and human experience. I sold my possessions; I bought a wild; natural place; I involved myself totally with the earth and forest; I agreed with nature to learn, and truly live. I've forgotten the doubts, shifted my perspective, opened a gateway to a little heaven on earth. Discovery is a beautiful thing. I always knew that.

I want to discover every day, to learn from every experience. To truly see the world the way it is. To only lose what I must, and to love everything I have. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Discover your highest truth. Reimagine your divine perspective. Unlock your unique position. Define your individual point of arrival. Connect with your highest purpose. REMEMBER YOUR BLUEPRINT SELF. Each of us has a divine truth, a unique perspective, and a version of this magnificent universe only our exact motion, and visualisation can determine and represent. That self is infinitely capable, talented, magical, courageous and accepting. With an open heart, and acceptance and growth in engaging with multiple exposures of our true selves, and grappling with the various ancient or modern practices and meditations, and turning our energetic and metaphysical selves inwards, we can begin to re-calibrate. We can start to sense our true internal alchemy. From within, comes without. As above, so below. One of the truest medicines for healing, is absolute truth itself. There are no physical boundaries on earth when we align with our truest, non-physical selves.

Thank you for reading.


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