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Liam Hopkins of Lazerian @ The OhmBrella Project 2023

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Liam and Jacob have known one another for 15 years or so, and have been planning this collaboration for a year.

There is an alignment in creative inspiration between them, in creating awe inspiring and respectful environments, to stimulate the mind and heart. They collaborated on a furniture brand in 2012, building super lightweight tables, lamps, stools, from recycled formula one cars. This however, is a completely different scale of output, with Liams vision and capabilities, the OhmBrella woodland is truly going to come alive.

"Liam Hopkins, also known as LAZERIAN, is an acclaimed artist and designer with a passion for sustainability. From a young age, he was creating artwork using everyday materials found around the house, leading to his eventual career in design. After studying 3D Design at Tameside College and Manchester School of Art, Liam established his own studio LAZERIAN – leveraging modern digital technologies and traditional hand craft techniques to create pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful whilst prioritising environmental preservation.

His eco-friendly projects have been showcased in renowned exhibitions across Europe and beyond, further solidifying Liam's status as an influential figure in the art world. Through his art, Liam aspires to educate people about the importance of sustainability while also providing them with unique works of art to admire. Away from the workshop, you can find him restoring classic vehicles or exploring nature outdoors – furthering his commitment to protecting the environment through creativity.

Liam Hopkins' work under the name LAZERIAN has made a huge impact on the art world by combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create sustainable pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. His commitment to preserving our environment is inspiring others to take action and make a difference.


Liam is has a passion for exploring the way geometry and nature can bring people together. He has been working on the interactive arts plan for The OhmBrella Project since last year, which will take place in the Badger Woodland run by OhmBrella. This unique project will involve creating pathways, sculptures, canopies, decks and structures to create habitats for learning and appreciation of the natural world. All participants on The OhmBrella Project will be led by Liam, and work hands on to create functional beauty.

Liam is determined to create spaces that harmoniously blend into the environment in order to create harmony between humans and nature. His design process includes careful consideration of the environment in order to ensure that his creations are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. For example, he looks at shapes and patterns found in nature as inspiration for structures and elements that can be used in this project.

The goal of The OhmBrella Project for Liam is to give people an immersive experience that allows them to learn about their relationship with nature by experiencing it firsthand. Liam’s design process involves researching materials that are sustainable and long-lasting while still being beautiful, making sure his works will last far into the future without negatively impacting those around him.

When completed The OhmBrella Project will be a success story of how humans can work together with nature - not against it - in order to create something beautiful that benefits everyone involved. As a designer he wants others to appreciate what nature has to offer us if we treat it with kindness and respect; something which is at the heart of this project - learning more about our relationship with nature through creative expression and exploration within its beauty."


Jacob and Liam come together on a shared vision or marrying geometry with nature and inspiration with craft. A bold step forward and merging of conservation and art.

Liam has formulated a master plan for the OhmBrella Project site, that not even Jacob fully knows about! Talk about stepping into the unknown. But in the lead up to the events Liam will be sharing vision boards and graphic designs to inspire and begin to lead the guests on their creative journey. Liam's job is to hep unlock creative vision, and teach the master skills of executing a sculptural artwork of any scale. As a participant, you'll be artistcally led by a master in his craft, to reach a common goal of beauty and impact. Together as a community. All this, without damaging the woodland or disturbing anything we don't have to.

Liams sprawling vision will be executed by himself, the OhmBrella team, and the guests to the Project, to materialise and actualise his own vision in the woods. It will be spread out, both across space and time. All participants will be following his artistic direction and motivation, to help build what is set to be a series of completely uniques structures, pathways and artistic interactions. This creation work will not happen all week, and will contribute more towards the craetive climax towards the last days of the experiences.

As time goes, we will be updating here with snippets of design, inspiration and the plan and more of what to expect as a participant of this summer's journey, set to be full of epic collaborations and personal leaps of growth.

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