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Sam Lee @ The OhmBrella Project 2023

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Artist announcement!

One of the leaders of inspiration, nature learning and creative blossoming on the site during The OhmBrella Project 2023 is Sam Lee. Jacob will also be working on Sam's Nightingales event this spring, so the two have formed a cooperative bond in the connection to nature and acting as a guide and teacher to those seeking those experiences.

"Folksinger, song collector, nature conservationist, guide, and presenter, Sam has spent 15 years re-galvanising the signt, sound and ecosystem of folk arts in the UK through his projects and live shows.

With 3 critically acclaimed albums, his debut receiving a Mercury Music Prize nomination, Sam works holistically in challanging the very nature of indigenous music in the 21st century.

Founder of the Nest Collective, a London-based events organisation Sam is the producer and lead artist in many projects marrying nature, music and community. Creator of Singing With Nightingales, which gave rise to Sam's debut book 'The Nightingale' published by Penguin in 2021, Sam has worked extensively with the environmental sector to lead campaigns and projects highlighting the climate and ecological crisis globally as well as at home.

His practice focuses on finding ways of leading people into a deeper more sensitive connection to nature and communicating the treasures on our own doorsteps through song and storytelling as well as immersive experiences, pilgrimages and nature guiding."

Sam will be be leading workshops during week one of The OhmBrella Project 2023, and opening sensory awareness and exploring and ancient connections to the land through movement, song and story. He'll be joining the first group in these explorations and like the rest of the practitioners and guides, will stay on site with the participants to enjoy the owls at night, and the woodland evening and morning dining.

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