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Welcome to Transformation and shift.

a world of sustainable inspiration and natural growth






immersive experiences, retreats and courses


Inspired by

the laws of nature

set to 


redefine your inspiration

Founded by Jacob in 2020, OhmBrella stands as the example of his creative spirit and journey into wellness, and absolute passion to build new spaces and experiences in the world that benefit all.

The land was acquired in 2021 to actualise the OhmBrella vision: to create a sanctuary of abundant natural ecology, and a thriving hub of wellbeing knowledge and practice.

To create sacred spaces for improving the health of nature and people at the same time. To make it fully sustainable + independent in its resources, and a pioneer at the forefront of ecological research and wellness innovation.

learn True, individual Sustainability


develop a 'blueprint' to fulfilment

Ohmbrella helps companies and individuals encode the laws of nature


develop FRESH

creative, inspiration and energy.

Retreat booking:





8-14th September 2024



Healing & CREATIVE


led by

Tree-net Willy's



THe OHMbrella Woodland in Shropshire:

Through collaborating with artists and traditional artisans, and employing ancient techniques and methodologies, Jacob makes the OhmBrella woodland a place of creative awe, of raw inspiration and empowerment. A place to encode the ancient knowledges, geometry, craft, innovation and truly positive intention, away from the brutality of the modern world, to evolve through creative expression alongside nature's form and requirements, in all the building and landscaping.

"We are master observers and repeaters of patterns. We reflect our environment. It's hard to feel natural, in an unnatural surounding. So it makes sense to do our learning, feeling, thinking & growing deep in nature, if we want to grow into our most natural selves"



The offering

Jacob offers one-to-one coaching in holistic wellness, and along with the

OhmBrella team, hosts retreats within the woodland, and other partner venues that provide wellness facility and access to nature. 

All private retreats are bespoke and designed by Jacob. These experiences can include a full schedule of sensory and wellbeing activities, plus full high-nutrition catering from private chef.


Two options:

1. Retreats & bookings

Enquire about upcoming retreats or a

private or corporate bespoke retreat. 

2. one-to-one work

Have a discovery call with Jacob t

o discuss working one-to-one. 

Remote Coaching - Breathwork, Nutritional Therapy,

Life Coaching/Mentorship.

In-person Coaching - Any above modalities plus;

Movement Therapy, Nature Therapy,

Alignment Training, Incremental Strength

and Mobility Training, Bushcraft,

Off-Grid Living, Forest Building Techniques.



Jacob will be incorporating the following modalities throughout winter experiences:

- Decompression Breathing (Foundation Training) -

- Ventral/Vagal Reset - 7 to 9 exercise routine -

- Gong Baths (indoor) -

- Taoist Active Meditations - Wilderness Work and self Massage -

- Nidra Guided Meditations - Hypnotic Sleep (indoor) -

- Mycology & Mushroom  Tea Ceremony - Honouring Mycelium and food medicine -

IF you are...

...An individual or company looking for wellness experience, or a corporate looking for a CSR related initiative, please get in touch by clicking the appropriate text:

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Personal Booking

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Corporate Booking


Tree Planting, Re-Wilding, CSR