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A Short Film - OhmBrella

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

In June 2022 my friend Orban came to the woods with his camera and drone. We caught up around the fire, walked the badger trails and we shot this short film.

(Hit the link for mobile full screen, watch with headphones for best viewing)

Thank you to Orban Wallace, and Cosmo Sheldrake (music), for helping me create texture and beauty.

To get across what it's like to own and work in a woodland. To be in nature.

I'm delighted to share some more insight, some more patina. To expose the mood and energy of the woods.


Orban is and always was an instrumental part in my early inspiration, to immerse myself off-grid and connect to nature - he was born and raised off-grid in a stunning opening in a woodland in Wiltshire. The inspiration of his family home was a key part of my journey, with their allotments and lavender pathways that seemed to be from an Enid Blyton novel. Needless to say he brings his own incredible connection to nature through his cinematography.

The film features two people other than myself - Matthew (The Food Alchemist), with whom I'm creating woodland dining, foraging and nutritional inspiration experiences. And Michael, who I call "Birdman Mike", a local nature enthusiast. Mike is always around, and takes any willing guests on nature and ornithology walks. He's a recently retired crime reporter, with a colourful story or two to tell from his 50 years in the journalism field.


Some of the story is, that after 5 years of inner and outer work, holistic and academic learning, and taking real action to reshuffle my life: In 2020 I found this woodland for sale, purchased it, and threw myself into learning about conservation, forestry and off-grid living. I stopped doing almost everything else I was doing before.

To create a space for myself to heal and grow. To grow creatively, spiritually, physically and mentally. To let go totally of labels, restrictions, conditions and programs. To embrace all that life, in its truest form, had to offer. To arrive at the next section of my life in alignment. I can say now, that nothing truly felt right before this.

I'm now opening the gates more and more to others that want to connect to nature and heal. My aim is help others find and cultivate inspiration and strength. To learn the tools and techniques of transition. I conduct sessions in the woods in small groups and one on ones, and host privately booked retreats in various glamping and rural locations. Most things I do are bespoke as I've grown OhmBrella largely by word of mouth rather than online, but more experiences will be launched on the website this month for general public to book.

The woodland is a platform for my creativity, a blank canvas for my inner child. When I'm not here, those aspects of myself can flourish and be put to use. We can generate energy from nature and wellbeing, that directly impacts our lives outside of that interaction; that practice. When we practice ourselves, our lives develop harmony and fluidity.

Just look at how the leaves blow in the wind.

If you have watched this film and read this far, you might be curious as to if this is for you; If it's time for you to step off-planet, off-world, off-grid.

It is.

Find out more and book a call with me.

I spend most of my time off grid, so I do need to schedule calls, so please do contact me via the instagram DM, email, or you can book consultation with me through the Badger Experience on the website.

If anyone has any other questions for me, I'm here.


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