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Dig deep. Self love and care.

Dig until you hit the base Contemplate your every trace Open up and search beneath Fathom all the bitter taste Sweetness waits for after thoughts Once you find the root and cause Shovel all the dark away Bring it right back down to lay ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Dig deeper Cut through the brash Chop off the dead branches When the path seems unclear, when joy and bliss seem like a contrived myth... All the metaphor and meaning we require for our own growth is right there, in nature. When we cherish our plants and soil, nature blooms perfectly each year. Without the right care - sustenance, environment and attention - nature retreats, withers. either it waits for a natural opportunity to thrive, or die as it is, never again growing or expanding into the space around it. If we haven't looked after ourselves the way we could have, sometimes we need to really dig deep to recover and regenerate, to help ourselves grow, and push through the surface crud. To grow again, and reach higher realms of life. This means getting to grips with the crude instruments of healing, the "heavy machinery", to really uncover what's beneath the facade. Behind the mask. The overgrown mind. The dried, cracking bark. Like nature, the mind contains great beauty in its rawness, but cannot be useful or free of obstacles when unclear and unhealed. It can all be cleared back, regenerated, renewed. The body is the toolkit of our experience. Sharpen it, guide it, nourish it. The mind will follow. And in turn, our lives around us.

Thanks for reading.


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