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Alpha waves

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Plant medicine is a true source if healing, but consuming plants is not the only way they heal us.

Ohm-Brella is in research and development of proprietary products and techniques to support wellbeing in the body and optimise wellbeing in the society and environment. With 15acres of ancient coppice woodland in the heart of England as our nature reserve and centre for alchemy and ecological development, we are creating the space required to give individuals to the opportunity to interact not only with real world solutions, but immerse themselves "off-world" in an environment that charges the mind with inspiration and perspective. ...visuals and narratives coming soon... Currently inviting questions, visits and consultancy requests: - Solutions for your body, contributions to your earth - Mycology (edible/ecological) Mobility training (muscular and neurological, yoga) Nutrition programmes (alkalinity, detox, Microgreens) Alternative therapy (accupunture, craniosacral, massage, kinesiology) Ethical/Sustainable production strategy (commercial consultancy)

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