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Jacob's journey. Mission statement.

"Seven years ago I was an inner-city, London based, strategic editorial consultant working for luxury brands and investment funds. It wasn't me. Five years ago, my real journey began into the unknown. To embrace nature as fully as I can; both the nature within me, and without. My inner child screamed for nature, abundance, and true freedom for my adult self. I began shaping my dream, not just in my head, but actually making the necessary changes... after years of non stop focus, its now being realised. Freedom comes with great responsibility. I had to change everything, including how I think and feel. How I came and went. I wanted to learn new ways of being. To truly embrace my inner being, and address the exterior world around me differently. Not because it was "wrong", just because I had a sense that the experience of life could be a whole lot richer. Whether we call it healing, shifting, transforming or progressing, we have the opportunity to do all the things of which we dream. These are the journeys I will explore with others. Their dreams and visions. Not their bank accounts or materialisms. I vowed to stop working to make money, instead align my work with helping people live their happiest lives. If we are not feeling our full potential, we only need to take a few steps. Gain a skill. Lose a bad a habit. Re-calibrate. How?! I call these the tools and techniques of transition. These are my protocols, my learnings and teachings. OhmBrella is not so much an offering, but more of a safe space for growth, a belief structure, a philosophy. A way of seeing the world. An opportunity to put our true nature to the test. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• No challenge to great, no problem too small No heart is too broken To embrace one and all For you are in nature A natural thing With all the desires Of order and swing The strength that will follow If all can just see That you're perfect already And nature agrees


Added note:

I'm pleased to launch this new website, the latest incarnation and stepping stone to the next. It's all an evolution, as OhmBrella takes shape.

I have been supported by, and am working with, fantastically talented creatives, visionaries and backers to create and consortium of like minded partners, and build worlds within worlds, using all the knowledge and experience that everyone brings to table. To embody the qualities and ethics, integrities and resolve, that we see fit. To fuel inspiration and generate true human, real-life creative value systems. We exist to help change and shape communities and people's lives for the better. To walk in the light together. As above, so below.

Thank you for reading.

Jacob Tomkins


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