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The OhmBrella Project team - Sages & Mages.

Updated: May 18, 2023

Here you will find the friends of OhmBrella that are involved in The OhmBrella Project 2023. This list is going to grow as more contributors are confirmed for this brilliant line-up of teachers, visionaries and guides.

This list does not include all artists who will be leading the creative journey aspects of the experience. The artists are being announced separately in the lead up to the events and articles can be found here in the blog about them.

In one way or another, all these people below will be involved in The OhmBrella Project physically, and working directly with you as a participant during their time there.

Some will be there to guide and facilitate activities and general integrity, other will be giving talks and treatments. They are all talented and experienced individuals in their fields, who will determine in flow, exactly what they need to input during their time with the participants. Any questions about their roles please feel free to email or submit a contact form.

You may not meet them all during your week with us, but it’s been made sure that the we have the correct teams in place for each experience to truly give a multidimensional and broad base of inspiration.

All these people practice what they preach, walk the talk, live the life. They all inspire me and receive my admiration personally. They all are, or have at one stage been, my teachers and sources of inspiration and knowledge.

Thanks for reading,





Ella is a sound healer, Cranio-Sacral therapist masseuse and general alternative practitioner of ancient arts and reiki. Ella is a close friend of Jacob’s since they were teenagers, and have studied under the same guides and masters for several years. Ella is a skilled, trained and highly intuitive practitioner of the above; 5 Elements Massage and crystal sound bowls and gongs. She will utilising all her skills and her London born-Irish wit during her time on the experiences and helping with general operations and flow, and to give treatments and guidance. Ella is one of Jacob's most trusted team members and keepers of integrity on the Project.


Dan was one of the first new visitors to the OhmBrella Project, wondering in to lend a hand in the early days. He is a walking example of a stable set of shoulders (don't let these crazy eyes fool you) and has incredible insight, experience and methodology in his field of mental health. Dan will be on hand to guide breathwork sessions but also give behavioural feedback and any mental health guidance that people want to ask about.

Dan own’s his own practice – Breath Slow:

“Breathe Slow is a safe space to pause, bring your attention, breahe, reflect, rest, heal, move and play. Whether it is through individual sessions or group sessions, using breathwork, movement or other forms of training. Breathe Slow is based on a foundation of acknowledgement that we are all humans and that the ethos that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. It is hoped that through Breathe Slow people will feel empowered to do better because they leave with skills, knowledge or understanding that they can put into practice in the day to day.

The passion Dan brings to Breathe Slow is about facilitating the highest quality regenerative and restorative sessions through breathwork, movement, workshops, training and retreats.

Dan is a registered mental health nurse with over 10 years experience working in the NHS, 8 of those specialising in working with young people in crisis and those fighting eating disorders.”


Alex is a talented and knowledgeable therapist and healer. A friend of mine for many years and my own personal acupuncturist. He has been on his own incredible journey of dedication and learning of his crafts. Alex will be on hand to provide tea ceremonies and talks, Qi Gong classes and the odd treatment. Alongside multiple chinese and Taoist arts, Alex is a rare a form of facial reflexology called “Dien Chan”.

“Alex is a licensed acupuncturist from London, UK, and has studied extensively in the healing arts and philosophy of East Asia. He is regularly invited to give treatments and classes at many of the world’s leading Spas and Wellness Centres.

His speciality is a form of Vietnamese facial reflexology, called Dien Chan, which has discovered that the face is uniquely connected to our health, emotions and identity. By releasing the micro-pressure points surrounding the face and head, Dien Chan creates a profound state of relaxation. This creates a cascade response through our body that harnesses our innate power for healing and regeneration. These treatments are especially effective for resetting the nervous system, fully releasing the mental-emotional tension of the face and for healing the effects of chronic stress and trauma. They also powerfully boost circulation through the head and face and so can be thought of as a natural face-lift.

Alex is the author the newly released book ‘Facial Reflexology for Emotional Wellbeing’, published in May 2023 by Inner Traditions. During his visit, he will also being offering teachings on how to use Dien Chan and Qigong for self-care and wellbeing.”


Hamish is a savant of immersive experience and theatre. He'll be giving talks and contributing the creative heartbeat of the summer project. Hamish is a true inspiration in the world of creative entrepreneurship. A key part of the woodland journey for all is to unlock creativity - he will be in the woods with us, to give talks and help unlock that industrious, out-of-the box thinking that is required to forge and carve out your own life of abundance through human connection and artistic expression.

Hamish is the founder of his own greatest creation to date - award winning immersive agency The Department: the worlds’ first immersive experiential agency bringing together cutting edge tech, creative content and theatrical performance to deliver one of a kind experiences for the world’s biggest brands and shows including FIFA, IWC, BMW, Lexus, ASICS, Adidas and the BBC to name a few. As a cultured creative with a wealth of experience spanning film, theatre, events and art, Hamish recently co-founded a new company working with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to create Arkham Asylum - a high-tech immersive Batman experience launching in 2023.

While Hamish creates immersive experience across digital and analog platforms, all the running of his business and pulling together of executions requires a very real world creative talent for working with people and concepts. It's an ultimate manifestation, where the output is purely an immersive experience with which the human can engage. Can't wait to hear what he has to say.


Mirja is an Iyengar Yoga teacher, and will be on site teaching regular morning classes and adapting full transitions of the strength and agility of the skeleton and facia throughout the week. “Mirja is a certified Iyengar™ Yoga teacher (Junior Intermediate 2). She found yoga on her first trip to India in 2002 and began teaching in 2011.

Mirja’s teaching is truthful, creative and intelligent. Her daily practice of asana, meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting and her deep trust in the transformative power of yoga enable her to teach from the heart. Mirja teaches with precision and lightness, dedication and humour, encouraging students to explore yoga as a way to enhance awareness and understanding, and to find more freedom, ease, strength and balance in body & mind.

Mirja believes that to be a good teacher, you must continue to be a good student, practise consistently with an open heart, and keep learning from your teachers, your students and yourself.

Outside of yoga, Mirja holds an MA in Linguistics and Modern Languages and works as a self-employed conference interpreter and translator.”


Claudia is one of Jacob's longest standing teachers in Iyengar yoga and her integrity, wisdom, character and teaching style have been fundemental in Jacobs own journey through yoga and the body. A ruthless perfectionist with her students and her own practice, her humorous light energy and sharp Italian accept will have you working harder than you think you could! “Claudia discovered yoga in London in 1997. With early training in classical ballet and an interest in art and philosophy, she was drawn to the Iyengar method. Claudia qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2006 and is currently a Junior Intermediate level 3.

She feels deep gratitude towards all her wonderful teachers, especially her primary teacher, Alaric Newcombe who continues to inspire and inform her.

Claudia has an energetic presence and her passion for the subject infuses her classes with fun.”


Dare To Move?! David is an exceptional teacher of true movement, yoga, handstands and dynamic flow sequences. He’s a conditioning and ability master. David will be joining to teach classes in handstands and general movement, and take you on a theatrical and enlightening journey through your body that will have you giggling and leave you fully energised.

David will come back to us later with more details on how he intends to teach.


Photo to follow...

Alignment, Hatha Yoga. Maya has been one of my teachers of nutrition and alignment since my teens. Maya’s incredible knowledge and experience, and focus on simplest of importances, combined with her language and background as a vibrant actress, makes her an incredible teacher of physical inspiration. Maya will be joining us to teach alignment and standing classes. And nourish you with universal language of sacred geometry of the body.


Speaker, singer, radio presenter, health and wellness addict and adventurer of the outdoors. Natalie is on her own incredible path and will be there to share and support the team and guests. Daughter and manager of singer Jackie Graham, podcaster, BBC Radio presenter, talent agent

...the list of this ladies' talents goes on! – Natalie is a friend of Jacobs since OhmBrella moved to her nearby county. She is a supporter of the journey and will be on hand to provide her brilliant energy, and to give talks about creative entrepreneurship, integrating a spiritual belief system and her forgotten cultures into her modern, fast paced existence.


Jessie Bee is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Channeller and Guide who adores this work she has been doing for 10+ years. Her inherited gifts open her to work with your Guardian Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Body, Inner Child and more, as she receives messages, visions and offerings of so much love, making each session utterly bespoke for you.

With an international client base, she has helped heal a huge range of human experiences: from chronic stress and anxiety to physical pains, emotional distresses, relationship ties, narratives and beliefs, ancestral wounds, past life traumas, confidence, oh, the list goes on.

At the base of all her healings is the infusion of the truth that: You are So Very Held, You are So Very Safe; You are So Very Loved.


Angel Reiki Guidance, readings, mentorship, spiritual grounding and clearing. More to come to Jessie later but check her amazing website here where you can find her Instagram and contact details for one on one sessions or her group classes.


Leah is a new friend of OhmBrella but through life long connectinos we arrive where we are today. Leah is a forager, and will be on site to lead forage-to-fork walks and knowledge quests in the woods. Much more to come on Leah later. You can learn more about her for now at her website


Megan is another trailblazer and ground-breaking mind in mental health and friend of mine, studying under the same master and guide of many years.

Megan was head of neurological psychology at Great Ormond Street hospital for many years. She now works in an active capacity in the media and private sector on professional mental wellbeing and is just a wealth of knowledge. He background in research and science brings a fresh and factual perspective to what actually works for our mental health changes. Prior to her career in psychology Megan was professionally trained in dance and her passion still lies in the links between mind and body, believing whole heartedly in nutrition and movement as medicine. She’ll be on hand to guide, facilitate and generally contribute her integrity and experience from her career.


"Dr Megan Prowse

Chartered Clinical psychologist and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, Megan has worked both within and outside of the NHS with a range of age groups (from children to older adults) in hospital and community settings. Megan’s specialisms include physical health conditions, trauma and neuropsychology. She was most recently lead psychologist for neurology at Great Ormond Street hospital and now works both Media and Neurorehabilitation awell as supervising and training psychologists."


"Psychedelic Evangelist!" Tara is one of the most inspiring and active minds in behavioural research, psychedelic activism and advocacy in the UK, and is a dear friend of Jacob's having connected in the last years on their common journeys to help others heal. Having been a lobbyist and strategist at government and institution level most of her career before finding the powers of naturopathic healing (especially psilocybin), she has turned her hand is the last years to doing incredible work with individuals on trauma therapy directly, but also a growing concern in institutions and organisations directly related to campaigns like treating "untreatable" conditions with Psychedelic drugs.

Tara is coming to to the OhmBrella Project to give inspirational talks about psychedelic medicines, her experiences, and help raise the awareness and general knowledge about her subjects. As well as just being a beacon of inspiration of action itself, Tara will fill you with ideas about what you can achieve with your own spare time!


James is another friend of Jacob's from London, and is a creative and strategic pioneer in fashion, arts and streetwear. The founder of multiple luxury streetwear brands including Addict Clothing, James has also supported and been involved in countless community and youth projects throughout the years.

He's founder of the conscious creative agency - MAD - Making A Difference (Are You MAD?). Most recently James launched the first ever plastic recycling centre in cerntal London on Carnaby Street. This impressive location in the heart of the city takes in waste plastic and processes it into useable, functional materials and objects. In collaboration with councils and schools to educate, they also hold events and experiences, and open to the general public day to day. This work is all done under the MAD banner.

James will be on site during the OhmBrella Project to discuss his own experiences growing up in London and carving out a name and life for himself in the creative world, using his birth-given talents and gifts. His entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision and absolute fearlessness to succeed is an inspiration and he'll bring a real and sobering levity to the groups that get to meet him. We will also have some exciting materials from MAD as they contribute sustainable, recycled, functional materials for use outdoors. More to be revealed later.

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