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Why CBD distillate instead of isolate or full spectrum?

We are constantly refining and improving the recipes and methods behind our line of tinctures and tonics.

✨✨✨✨ CBD distillate is a superior essential oil for the body to use therapeutically compared with other CBD extracts. Isolates are dehydrated and coarse crystalline substances...waxes and shatters are complex with fats and acids...this is the same with darker extractions and oils. Distillate is pure and carefully extracted so as not to dehydrate or leave any other materials that the body finds hard to deal with. Distillates also blend with other essential oils easily, and can be vapourised, so they don't need to be mixed with anything at all to be consumed by the body. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

In these infusions I'm using a terpene derived from cannabis plants that are uniquely available in the Europe to my lab technician Jamie. These naturally produced, correctly chosen cannabis terpenes are a crucial healing component so that the body recognises the plant medicine in its true form, and not disguised behind additives or lubricants that stress the body. A terpene is a stimulator for neuro-transmission and the messaging in the brain. Its the set of chemical compounds that tells us a rose is a rose, or a lemon is a lemon by the scent and aroma. A terpene carries no psychoactive or intoxicating substances. The wrong terpenes can confuse the mind-body communication though, and can be harmful in the wrong ratios. The alchemy MUST be correct. All cells in the body contain cannabinoid receptors, which means our bodies are naturally programmed to absorb and use cannabis!

Why?! Because human beings, among many things, are incredible evolutionary responses to nature. Cannabis is nature's ONLY anti inflammatory essential oil that passes through the blood brain barrier. The ONLY ONE. Hence why it is so effective on neuropathic and neurological disorders that convulse or spasm the body. When the neurology is stressed, so are the nervous reactions and cooperative systems in the body. Calm the system down with some real CBD ;)

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